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Mason Jar Wine Glasses, Yeehaw

When I spotted Lindzi and Bachelor Ben toasting their 5-way relationship earlier this week with mason-jar-wine-glass hybrids, I squealed, “ooooh fancy!”

I’ve now given away that I am an avid Bachelor fan (cricket), and I will also tell you that upon researching like a maniac post-show (after first spending 5 full minutes scratching my head over Ben’s preference for Courtney), I learned that the glasses that I thought were soooo fancy, are in fact called “redneck wine goblets.”**  Not so PC term aside, I’m in love.

**Note: This is not in fact, my first turn in the “embarrassing rodeo.”  I studied abroad for a few months – went to Cambridge and everything.  Evening one in the school bar – yep, the school has a bar – my friend and I asked for “girl” beer (I was a mere Junior in College – don’t judge.)  We were offered Stella Artois, before Stella had commercials and was sold in every restaurant with onion rings on the menu.  My friend and I drank Stella like it was going out of style.  We thought we were so posh and Brit and Cambridge refined.  As the term came to an end, our beloved bartender noted “you American girls sure do love your white trash beer.”  Yeehaw.

First Image + DIY: White Water Crafting // Bachelor Image Via: Glamour // The Original RedNek™ Wine Glass // Sassy Southern Wine Glasses