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Pretty in PINK + The Cork Debate

A few years back, MAV (Maria Alexandra Vettese) created a now very well-known and well-styled campaign for Victoria’s Secret PINK, and that campaign and brand re-haul stuck.  MAV now keeps these stunning little vignettes and inspiration boards neatly photographed on her site, so that we all may swoon just a little bit.

In addition to being a magpie to all things pink, I’m in love with the “old-fashioned” inspiration board.  I’m sort of torn about internet inspiration – the internet has sort of swallowed our inspiration up whole and also helped to foster it in a big way.  Though many of us have become Pinterest addicts, there’s something genuine and ever-inspiring about a back-to-basics cork board.

Inquiring minds want to know (me, me, me), are you a child of the future – i.e., online pin boards are your calling, or is the cork and push-pin more your style?

Images via Maria Alexandra Vettese


Inpired By Sunset + Donuts

The title of this post summed up = I need a vacation.

Also, in attempting to name this color palette, I was thinking something lovely, like “salmon + blueberry” or “sunset + lavender”, but really, it’s pink + purple.  And I like it.

Those incredible-looking donuts sound just as amazing once you hear what they’re made of — they are actually homemade baked (feeling skinny already) chocolate donuts with blood orange glaze.  Make them.

And the sweet thank you notes – there’s a free download for those.

Images: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6.

Sitting Pretty (in Pink)

I’m a sucker for pink (remember that gorgeous industrial loft with bright pops of pink?)  I could list all of the reasons I crave pinks (Barbie, Legally Blonde, cotton candy), but the list would never end.  Also, I’m undeniably girly.  And, when it comes to design, I swim in a sea of mostly neutrals.  Any bright piece injects a fresh pop of color into an otherwise monotone space, and it awakens a room with a jolt of modern personality (a.k.a., accessorizing your rooms.)

I love the bold hot pink chairs in these bedrooms and living spaces, but my husband, not such a fan (marriage = compromise, or so they say.)

Now in my office – that’s a different story.  (Not surprisingly, my office is brimming with pink, clutter, and many many crafts.)

Not sure what I love more – the pink-cushioned chair, the mirrored table, or those leopard pumps.

Images here, here, here, and here


Industrial Loft With Pops of Pink
November 28, 2011, 9:53 am
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Someday I’ll live in a cool (and spacious) loft with exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling draped windows, rustic wood accents, and polished concrete … but until then, I’ll just swoon over these lovely images.

Sadly, my loft du jour will likely never boast a pale pink vintage refrigerator … a far cry from the manly loft I’m sure my husband envisions.  And I learned my lesson long ago.

Images Found On Triple Max Tons // Via Ideas to Steal