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Nail Rings – Nail Armour – Battle Talons

I’ve oohed and ahhed before over nail armour (and a DIY crystal version, here) … Today’s nail rings are a little bit terrifying, and a lot a bit fierce.  Would it be fun rocking a gilded pointed finger for a night? Heck, yeah.  But I’m not envisioning a long term future for the glitzy battle talons.

Are you jumping on the gilded fingernail bandwagon, or are these better for show?

My two cents:  I think I would rock these crazy metal pointers (mostly because i think it’d be totally fun to wear!), just not sure how long the phase would last.

// Bijules Short Nail Ring // TOPSHOP Diamond Shape Nail Ring // ASOS Knuckle Nail Ring // GoJane Embellished Nail Ring

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DIY Crystal Nails
December 29, 2011, 9:34 am
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I’m obsessed with decking out my nails.  I think nail polish is such an inexpensive pop of fashion, and the more that polish and manicures become popular, the more fabulous options the stores stock.  Two painted thumbs up!  Which brings me to this week’s home-done manicure.  Every year I scour the stores for that perfect sparkly dress for New Year’s Eve, and every year I throw my hands up and roll up to the party in a black dress, black tights, loud shoes … lexi-style.  So the manicure is my big “statement.”  Also, if you follow this little blog of mine, you’ll know that in addition to my penchant for tights, and varying shades of black, I fancy myself a rapper.  “Every time I come around this ____ (fill in the blank … this weekend = raging house party), bling bling.”  Yep, so so good at this rapping thing.

Right, the nails – I blinged them out!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Base Coat/Top Coat – Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails
  • Color Polish – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Red Carpet
  • Flat-back Crystals – Jolee’s Jewels Crystallized Swarovski Elements
  • Q-tips
  • Lotion

I like to set myself up first – I place a pile of crystals, crystal side up on the table, and I dip my q-tip into a small amount of lotion.  Crazy as it sounds, the q-tip and lotion trick will save you every time you work with small crystals or rhinestones.  Basically your q-tip (with lotion), when touched to the top of a crystal, gently adheres to the stone, making it oh-so-easy to place the crystal onto your nail.

You can use nail adhesive or glue to place the stones, but I just painted a thick coat of clear topcoat, and placed my stones one by one.  I tried lining up the stones on my nail, but ran out of space (tiny nails), and the nails where I simply scattered stones looked best.

Once I had arranged the stones where I wanted them on the nails, I waited patently (probably a whopping three minutes), for the nails to dry, and then painted a generous coat of clear polish over the nails to seal the stones.

I absolutely love the results!  And just to make the whole project a tad more affordable, next time I would probably just use small rhinestones – but you know, I had to bling it out for New Year’s.

The best part about this glitzy at-home manicure is that I can’t stop oohing and aahing over my nails.  Fancy.  Fun Fact: having your nails bedazzled makes everything you do look fancy. I shaved my legs all fancy last night, my typing = fancy, cereal pouring – fancy with a side of Special K.

Here I am fancily tweeting.  Enjoy!  (And send pictures of your own blingy mani!)

Ring: Melinda Maria Tiny Pod Ring (here) // Necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson Monacle Necklace c/o Shop it To Me (here, and similar here)