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Pretty in PINK + The Cork Debate

A few years back, MAV (Maria Alexandra Vettese) created a now very well-known and well-styled campaign for Victoria’s Secret PINK, and that campaign and brand re-haul stuck.  MAV now keeps these stunning little vignettes and inspiration boards neatly photographed on her site, so that we all may swoon just a little bit.

In addition to being a magpie to all things pink, I’m in love with the “old-fashioned” inspiration board.  I’m sort of torn about internet inspiration – the internet has sort of swallowed our inspiration up whole and also helped to foster it in a big way.  Though many of us have become Pinterest addicts, there’s something genuine and ever-inspiring about a back-to-basics cork board.

Inquiring minds want to know (me, me, me), are you a child of the future – i.e., online pin boards are your calling, or is the cork and push-pin more your style?

Images via Maria Alexandra Vettese


Weekend Plans

My weekend lies somewhere between this + this …

i.e., working/writing + drinking (cheers to green beer day!)

Happy Saint Patty’s Weekend!

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This + That – Flowers

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Hand-Painted Cakes + Creative Outlets

I’m featuring these jaw-dropping hand-painted cakes over on Glitter Weddings today, but the stunning creations, by the oh-so-talented, Maggie Austin, were too cool not to share here.  Each of the former ballerina’s designs looks like a watercolor work of art; almost too good to eat … almost.  Maggie even offers a two-day intensive flower workshop in D.C. (where I desperately need to be.)

Also, I’ve noticed that the more I blog, i.e., delve into this unbelievably creative world, the more cities I want to visit and re-visit, and the more creative classes I desperately want to take.  In the past week alone I’ve considered pottery, cake painting, wire-wrapping, and novel writing.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Do you take classes “just for fun”?  Do you have the time or do you make the time?

Images Via: Maggie Austin

February 1, 2012, 1:26 pm
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Every time I type the word “FASHION”, I hear David Bowie.  Am I the only one?

On that note, this week’s musical Wednesday is an homage, and mini portfolio to the FASHION ( … turn to the left) that’s inspiring me right now.

{If you miss my mixtapes, I’ll have a shiny new one for you next week, but until then – just press play.}

Images: 1 // 2 {heels: Manolo Blahnik} // 3 // 4 // 5

Sequin StreetStyle
November 29, 2011, 9:45 am
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Blame holiday spirit, but lately I’m inspired by everything sparkly. Probably my need to dress up like a Christmas ornament (cue sad realization at age 4 as a Jewish kid – holidays sans sparkly tree are a tad less sparkly.)

Images Via Stockholm Streetstyle // Pinterest // Tumblr

Fall For Yellow
November 25, 2011, 9:59 am
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Grey day after grey day, I am starting to miss summer. Miami doesn’t get winter, Miami gets overcast.  Sooo, I thought I’d feature a few ways to mix a favorite summer color into your Fall/Winter wardrobe!

I’m a big fan of the bright yellows – though I’m not always bold enough to wear them.  The cold-weather-friendly yellow alternative is mustard, and stores like Anthropologie stock plenty of gorgeous mustard hued pieces.

Images via Pinterest

Shop the holidays this week with Anthropologie. From 11.23 – 11.27, get an additional 25% off sale items! And don’t forget! Free Shipping on all orders over $100