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I Made You A Mixtape

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Hand-holding was awkward, being dropped off at the movie theater for your date – more awkward, but when he made you a mix tape – that was love. Because I live a soundtracked life (more on that here), and because I am a product of the 80s, every Wednesday I’ll make you a mix tape. Who says chivalry is dead? You’re welcome.

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Earlier this week I turn on the radio (somewhat rare for me now — admitted Pandora addict, right here), and I hear a baby rapper singing “I’m a 90’s baby, clearly.”

90s baby!  Rappers are 90s babies.  Yikes. And that baby rapper?  His name is Diggy Simmons – son of Rev Run.  Woah, when did I get old?

Sooo, in an attempt to make myself hip again – the current rap playlist:

Do It Like You, Diggy Simmons

Make Me Proud, Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

Dance, Big Sean

Drank In My Cup, Kirko Bangz

Lotus Flower Bomb, Wale feat. Miguel

Rack City, Tyga

Another Round, Fat Joe feat. Chris Brown

Pretty Little Heart, Robin Thicke feat. Little Wayne



The Box Clutch

The box clutch, or hard shell clutch, barely bigger than most cell phones these days, is the next big thing (or rather, tiniest thing.)  Until now, I’ve been resisting the latest trend for two reasons: (a) I need a forklift to carry my day-to-day essentials, not a lipstick case {more on that here}, and (b) I was previously under the assumption that only my grandmothers carried these tiny clutches.

Let’s visit example (b), shall we?  My Bubby owned a number of these tiny purses, but all she needed for a night out on the town was a bright hued lipstick and a few dollars.  Also, she was tiny, so how big could her tiny purse be?  Today, we (err, I) require a cell phone, planner (the cell phone doesn’t cut it; Type-A), several shades of lipstick and gloss because you never know what color is hot from second to second, touch up polish (because everyone takes pictures of their nails nowadays), crystal light packets (because I’m ob-sessed), bobby pins, hair spray, headband, band-aids, chic wallet, chic makeup bag filled with all of the essentials, lotion, antibacterial, business cards, business card holder, 5 credit cards, 2 forms of identification (because try as I might, wedding ring and all, I can’t convince anyone behind a rope … or cone – at some of the classier late night establishments … that I am over the age of 18), and other assorted nonsense.

And where, may I ask, does this all go?  In the hubby’s pockets, of course!  Skull-topped teeny tiny clutch – here I come!

Though it’s clear from my homage to McQueen, that I die for the studded skulled numbers, I offer you a mix of dream bags and affordable stand-ins …

Box Clutches: 1. Bottega Venetta Knot Clutch in Shock Pink // 2. Dolce & Gabbana Jewel Clutch // 3. La Regale Clutch // 4. House of Harlow Val Clutch // 5. Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch // 6. Anya Hindmarch Marano Clutch // 7. House of Harlow Tilda Clutch

Images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Pyramid Stud Baubles

Pyramid studs were all the rage in the 90s – I may have bedazzled my bookbag with rhinestones, but I bedazzled ALL of my denim with pyramid stones.  These accessories, featuring the updated pyramid stud look, appeal to my now-grownup-chic inner-seventh-grader (sans red plastic glasses and unfortunate hair.)

Image on the left found here // Board created by Glitter & Pearls // Dominic Jones RingsJaw Ring and Female Ring // BCBG Spike Bangle (Similar Styles by Noir, CC Skye, Kenneth Jay Lane)

And that clutch? It’s Lanvin.

Designer Coffee Sleeves

In elementary school there was this enormous (or what seemed enormous at the time) trash compactor in the cafeteria that we had to dump our garbage into.  At the end of each lunch, a child inevitably tossed his or her lunch money, medication, or worse (and far more costly) – their retainer – and the compactor had to be shut down.  Moms and Dads had to come by the school to help sort through the trash, searching for the $3,000 mouth guard.  I threw caution to the wind and often lost my whole lunchbox (seriously – giant trash chomping machine here, people); eventually my mom got wise and she learned to brown-paper-bag-it.

Fast forward many many years, and a handful of my favorite luxury designers are creating couture substitutes for the coffee sleeve.  Take that, Starbucks!  I don’t care how much I spent (in my imaginary world where I buy things like couture coffee sleeves), I’d toss that sleeve right into the trash – cup, crocodile, and all.  Operator fail or fashion fail?  You tell me.

Via Poise Polish


Spotted: Streetstyle
November 15, 2011, 11:21 am
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I love polka dots paired with winter wares – the sophisticated look of a spotted blouse worn with fur, dotted tights, spots in velvet, on blazers and sleeved dress.

But of course, there’s an art to wearing bold patterns. The key to wearing polka dots is subtlety.  Because let’s face it, none of us actually want to look like Minnie Mouse.  Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, wearing a classic polka dot dress in the 1980s – much more inspirational … and doable.  The polka dot print is fun, vibrant, and when done right – playfully sophisticated.

Polka dots also have a whole lot of fashion history.  The spots first became popular in 19th century England, and have survived season after season, worldwide.  Polka dots are a timeless print and never really fall out of style.

The most important lesson in wearing polka dots, or any bold (a.k.a., loud) print for that matter, is to pick only one patterned piece of clothing or accessory and go for it!  A more modern trend is to pair clashing prints together – but you run the risk of looking slightly clownish and just a little bit crazy, if not completely fashionable.  But then, the most stylish of the bunch is the woman who throws caution to the wind and wears what she likes … paired with a touch of confidence, of course.

{Images via here and Pinterest}

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Peter Pan Collar
October 21, 2011, 3:04 pm
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A little bit of history:  The rounded collar, sometimes detachable, became popular in women’s and children’s clothing in the early- and mid-20th century.  Even today, the style channels an unmistakable vintage glamor vibe.

Michelle Williams (right) was photographed for the March 2011 issue of Interview wearing a detachable Peter Pan collar from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2011 collection. For the July 2011 issue of Marie Claire, Elle Fanning (left) donned the same collar — and struck a similar pose.  Both photo shoots evoked a classic old Hollywood feel.  Tres chic.

ASOS is featuring the sweetest tops, dresses,  and attachable collars with feminine peter pan accents.

{images a la Pinterest, Fashionologie, and ASOS – a few faves: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and this fab sequin collar}

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I Heart Tapestry
September 6, 2011, 8:14 am
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Tapestries, typically woven, but also recreated in prints, have a funky hippie vibe and a whole lot of character.  Like most fashion lovers, and daughters of moms who sew (Hi, Mom!), I adore textiles.  The more detail a piece of fabric has, the more I fall.  Most fabrics are printed with intricate patterns but tapestries derived their historical popularity because of the intense workmanship necessary to weave together the images and patterns along a tapestry.  Kings and Queens once sat on thrones surrounded by walls draped in tapestries.  History + Fashion … be still me heart.

{A la Polyvore}

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