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Mason Jar Wine Glasses, Yeehaw

When I spotted Lindzi and Bachelor Ben toasting their 5-way relationship earlier this week with mason-jar-wine-glass hybrids, I squealed, “ooooh fancy!”

I’ve now given away that I am an avid Bachelor fan (cricket), and I will also tell you that upon researching like a maniac post-show (after first spending 5 full minutes scratching my head over Ben’s preference for Courtney), I learned that the glasses that I thought were soooo fancy, are in fact called “redneck wine goblets.”**  Not so PC term aside, I’m in love.

**Note: This is not in fact, my first turn in the “embarrassing rodeo.”  I studied abroad for a few months – went to Cambridge and everything.  Evening one in the school bar – yep, the school has a bar – my friend and I asked for “girl” beer (I was a mere Junior in College – don’t judge.)  We were offered Stella Artois, before Stella had commercials and was sold in every restaurant with onion rings on the menu.  My friend and I drank Stella like it was going out of style.  We thought we were so posh and Brit and Cambridge refined.  As the term came to an end, our beloved bartender noted “you American girls sure do love your white trash beer.”  Yeehaw.

First Image + DIY: White Water Crafting // Bachelor Image Via: Glamour // The Original RedNek™ Wine Glass // Sassy Southern Wine Glasses


The Sheer Button-Down Shirt

I am a slave to fashion, but some trends, I just can’t get on board with; not because they’re ugly, or even that I don’t like them, but simply because I can’t picture myself in them, or because when standing in them under the harsh light of a dressing room, the truth is painfully obvious – I look like a total dork in a lot.  A lot, I tell you.

Which brings me to the button-down blouse.  You know how some women, women like Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, and other leggy Hollywood heroines, look amazing in a man’s button-down?  I do not.  There is nothing more un-sexy than me wearing my husband’s shirts.  And even the female versions, the fitted, tailored, J.crew and Banana Republic versions that taper ever-so-slightly at the waist, well those don’t look good on me either.  My sister, she looks like a rock star in button-downs.  I’ve tried on her chambray shirts, I look like a lame pasty farmer.

I like the updated sheer versions that so many fashion bloggers are wearing.  At least then I can sport a funky bra or camisole, and pretend to still look feminine – collar and all.  On the other hand, I think some girls just look effortless and ah-mazing in the button-down.  But I don’t.  And I’m cool with that.

Clockwise from top right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

(By the way, the second shirt in the top row totally reminds me of something Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, would wear.  Didn’t she just have the cutest, most laid-back style? #RealityTVJunkie)

The Animal Sweater/Sweatshirt

I cannot believe I am even writing about this, but I have seen it enough to know it’s … errr … a trend (note: term used loosely in this context.)  Not just for hipster grandmas and kids in Kindergarten and the entire cast of Full House in the 90s, the knitted sweater, featuring a dominant animal face print, seems to be … what’s that word … oh, right – cool, again.  (For the record, was it ever?)

It seems, even the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is chic again.

And, if I’m going to rock the latest “trend”, I’m going to wear the sweater that looks least like a loaner from Joey Tanner’s closet.

My picks:  Markus Lupfer Sequined Shark Sweater // Wildfox White Label Eagle Sweater // Markus Lupfer Nude Sequined Lip Sweater


Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Designer Coffee Sleeves

In elementary school there was this enormous (or what seemed enormous at the time) trash compactor in the cafeteria that we had to dump our garbage into.  At the end of each lunch, a child inevitably tossed his or her lunch money, medication, or worse (and far more costly) – their retainer – and the compactor had to be shut down.  Moms and Dads had to come by the school to help sort through the trash, searching for the $3,000 mouth guard.  I threw caution to the wind and often lost my whole lunchbox (seriously – giant trash chomping machine here, people); eventually my mom got wise and she learned to brown-paper-bag-it.

Fast forward many many years, and a handful of my favorite luxury designers are creating couture substitutes for the coffee sleeve.  Take that, Starbucks!  I don’t care how much I spent (in my imaginary world where I buy things like couture coffee sleeves), I’d toss that sleeve right into the trash – cup, crocodile, and all.  Operator fail or fashion fail?  You tell me.

Via Poise Polish


Friday Link Love
October 28, 2011, 11:04 am
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Like most of the world, I LOVE Halloween!  And as the Halloween-inspired posts roll in, I can’t help but smile.  I hope these do the same for you.

Allure goes straight to the makeup artists to give their best lessons for Halloween looks, and most of the inexpensive makeup looks are fairly easy to do.  #BecauseItsOkayToWaitUntilTheLastMinuteToComeUpWithAHalloweenCostume

For a chic Halloween costume alternative, Glitter-n-Glue’s got you covered.  Check out this DIY glitter skull sweatshirt – this piece combines all of my favorite things: DIY, glitter, skulls (because I think I’m punk), and sweatshirt forgiveness so that I can unabashedly consume Halloween treats.  An all around win.

This article had me laughing out loud.  Also, eerily true.  ‘Turning Tricks-for-Treats – the Most Inappropriate Kid Costumes on Sale This Halloween.

Devilish Halloween Black Velvet Layer Cake.  #JustificationForTheSweatshirt

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I Wear Too Much Clothing
October 16, 2011, 4:23 pm
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It started with sweaters and cardigans.  Actually, I lie, it was 2002 – I rocked denim jackets.  Then came the discovery of the Abercrombie cardigan.  And then came the tights.  Now I won’t walk out of the house unless I’m wearing a good 25% of my closet.  Some cardigans require a vest because I’m not thrilled with the length of the cardigan.  Some dresses need a slip for that same reason.  And really, I love all of my clothes and can’t part with them for more than ten hours at a time.  They lose their luster.

I clearly wear too much clothing … at once.  It’s like a safety blanket.  I think it’s the Bubba in my head telling me to dress for a blizzard … you never can be too sure (I live in Miami.)

Plug your ears honey … I once had a boyfriend who announced, “All of my friends think you’re an Orthodox Jew.”  The layering was out of control at this point.

My friends whine mercilessly when I roll up to the club in sequined dress, tights, and cardigan.  They tug at my sleeves and and ask every drunk in the club if I would in fact look hotter without the sweater.  Usually these members of my tipsy audience just nod stupidly and slosh their drink onto my Alexander Wang’s.  Lushes.

I swear sometimes it’s cool to rock the Yeshiva look.  And I’m never cold.  And I secretly weigh 108 pounds (or you know, in that ballpark) under all of those layers – “Surprise, I’m a waif!”  And the beauty of marriage – my husband thinks my library chic look is adorable, or he’s just trying to get into my three layers of pants.

Hobby Couture
July 30, 2011, 11:34 pm
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I can’t take up any new hobby because I inevitably want the designer accessories to complement my activity.

Louis Vuitton golf set?  Yes, please.  {Thanks to Ashlyn of My Unrehearsed Life for the golfing heads up.}

Thus my stance against new activities.  Because let’s face it, I don’t actually need Coach high top sneakers for my new hip-hop class.  Really, no one needs Coach high-top sneakers.

On a side note, this same logic applies to my future planning.  My couture obsession acts as excellent birth control, because until we can afford designer diaper bags, celebrity bugaboos, and a college fund, babies are a no-go for the newlyweds.

Am I the only nutcase with an obsession for all things designer?  Especially the positively unnecessary things?

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