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How I Style My Jeans When I am Playing Dress-Up

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I used to wear jeans like sunglasses or lip gloss – I never left the house without them.  I lived in denim, wore the same pair over and over, found the ever-so-perfect way of fluffing the jeans to keep them uber soft.  And then I grew up, entered the career world, and my jeans cried from the high up shelf where they were left.

Nowadays I relish in a good pair of jeans, but I’ve begrudgingly accepted that my old pairs aren’t quite going to cut it.  Levi’s® Curve are perfect for my grown-up figure (hello, curves!) and they’re also the perfect canvas for any number of fabulous outfits.  When I put on a pair of jeans, I want to play dress up.  I’m just not a jeans-and-flip-flops kind of girl; but great jeans and a pair of heels — that’s my sweet spot.

How do you style your jeans? Are you an every day denim-wearer, or do the jeans only make appearances on nights and weekends?

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Levi’s® Curve ID Demi Skinny Jeans // Low Luv by Erin Wasson Curved Nail Pendant Necklace // Alexander Wang Cellaphane Stripe Cardigan // Maison Martin Margiela Four Finger Rings // Low Luv by Erin Wasson Arrow + Leather Bracelet // Giuseppe Zanotti Haircalf Strappy Sandals // Stella McCartney Yenisea Peplum Top (Similar) // Chanel Classic Shoulder Flap Bag // Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Adventurous Red


The Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’m a big fan of February, and V-day in particular, but I’m not really a pink-heart-romper-wearing kind of girl. Though I’m as feminine as they get, I live for black, gold, studs, eyeliner, and rock ‘n roll.  As for our big night plans, I’ll be staying in this V-day with the hubby.  I guess when you’re working all day everyday, the sofa, a bottle of wine, and ice cream – those are the crème de la crème.

1. Lauren Moshi Willow Diamond Lips Sweater // 2. Alexander McQueen Leather Wrap Skull Bracelet // Emily Elizabeth Open Heart Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Secret Open Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Skull Open Bangle // Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bracelet // 3. Picnic Time Picnic Basket // 4. Hanky Panky Zipper Low Rise Thong // 5. Barefoot Dreams Wild Leopard Throw // 6. Ice Cream

Pyramid Stud Baubles

Pyramid studs were all the rage in the 90s – I may have bedazzled my bookbag with rhinestones, but I bedazzled ALL of my denim with pyramid stones.  These accessories, featuring the updated pyramid stud look, appeal to my now-grownup-chic inner-seventh-grader (sans red plastic glasses and unfortunate hair.)

Image on the left found here // Board created by Glitter & Pearls // Dominic Jones RingsJaw Ring and Female Ring // BCBG Spike Bangle (Similar Styles by Noir, CC Skye, Kenneth Jay Lane)

And that clutch? It’s Lanvin.

Python Pumps

I tend to go (fairly) understated in putting together an outfit; black is my weakness.  So when it comes to shoes, I throw caution to the wind.  I love me a funky shoe!  And I swear I have an “excuse” … when you’re a professional, or at the very least, a half-time professional – blacks, greys, creams, and nudes – tend to comprise a major part of your day-to-day wardrobe, but with shoes, it’s carte blanche.  My thinking is, the judge can’t see my mirrored tasseled python pumps from way atop that podium … err, right?

Which leads me to my latest love, python printed pumps.  As far as color goes, the python print mixes fairly muted colors together, with a bolder animal print (but not so bold as a dalmatian or zebra print).  Meow! (or hiss, or whatever.)

Jimmy Choo Cosmic Python Pumps // Ted Baker Daler // Chinese Laundry Fit 2 Be Tied in Natural Python // Alexandre Birman Python Pumps // Rachel Zoe Cole // Kate Spade Celeste // Kate Spade Kiki // Georgina Goodman Python Danielle

Image here


Designer Coffee Sleeves

In elementary school there was this enormous (or what seemed enormous at the time) trash compactor in the cafeteria that we had to dump our garbage into.  At the end of each lunch, a child inevitably tossed his or her lunch money, medication, or worse (and far more costly) – their retainer – and the compactor had to be shut down.  Moms and Dads had to come by the school to help sort through the trash, searching for the $3,000 mouth guard.  I threw caution to the wind and often lost my whole lunchbox (seriously – giant trash chomping machine here, people); eventually my mom got wise and she learned to brown-paper-bag-it.

Fast forward many many years, and a handful of my favorite luxury designers are creating couture substitutes for the coffee sleeve.  Take that, Starbucks!  I don’t care how much I spent (in my imaginary world where I buy things like couture coffee sleeves), I’d toss that sleeve right into the trash – cup, crocodile, and all.  Operator fail or fashion fail?  You tell me.

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The Long + Short of It: Hair
December 27, 2011, 10:27 am
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My hair is an endless battle, and I suppose it’s like that for every woman. I have curly/wavy hair, which means I’m predisposed to desperately want straight hair.  My sister has the thickest, straightest hair – and she dreams in curls.  I call it the grass-is-always-greener effect.  I’ll go to great lengths to blow dry, iron, and chemically alter my hair to achieve “different” (in my case – stick straight), but one thing is for sure, I refuse to cut my hair.

I cut my hair twice (and when I say cut, I mean “more than a trim”) – once in my early teens, unaware of the power of the blow drier at this point, and once in late high school, because I had more guts back then.  Both times I donated the several inches of hair lost.  Today I argue with hairdressers to take no more than an inch, and even after the onslaught of scissors, and a scant pile of hair ends on the ground, I snivel all the way home. #DramaQueen

I’m never happy with a hair cut.  I always convince myself that it looked better before – with that extra brittle inch.  What’s wrong with me?

Are you crazy protective with your hair, or is it just me?

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Tuesday Inspiration
December 20, 2011, 9:22 am
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I hope you’re all having a lovely Tuesday! Glad it’s Tuesday, but patiently (er, not so patiently) working for the weekend.  Is anyone else desperately awaiting Friday?  The Holidays have me a tad overwhelmed, between all of the cleaning, cooking, present buying/organizing/wrapping, I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating the new year.  I’m a regular scrooge. Okay, maybe not that bad, maybe I’m just “whelmed” – not so much “over”.

Oh right, a bit of fashion inspiration … (because I obsess over hanger art and it makes me happy.  My zen, in a word.) (I’m totally weird today.)

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