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Guest Posting on A Newfound Treasure

Happy Wednesday, all!  Today I’m guest posting over on A Newfound Treasure.

A peak at what I’m lusting after …

I’ve always been a lover of gold.  A few years back when shopping engagement ring styles (he knows better than to surprise me … too much), I only wanted a yellow gold ring.  The jewelers all frowned and gave me a list of reasons why platinum was classic and I’d tire of yellow gold.  I never have, and I never will — I love, love, love my yellow gold setting, thank you very much.

It’s no surprise really that I swoon over yellow gold home accents as well.  There’s something so elegant about a heavy piece of gold armor on a tabletop or a surprising gold and cream chevron print on the wall.  But what I really love about gold home accents, is that because of their already formal “feel”, the mediums have a whole lot more legroom to get funky.  Take the AREAWARE gold piggy bank – it’s a pig, used in every trendy designer, fashion blogger, and magazine editor’s home design – but it’s a pig, people!  What makes this little piggy so special? That perfect gold metallic sheen …

Design Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7  // 8

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Last Minute Valentine

This year, Valentine’s day sort of bit me on the butt.  Pardon my French.  And I’m a tad rattled about it being so early on in the marriage, sans romantic love day plans.  But you see, last Valentine’s day, only a few short months into our marriage, I went and got sick.  Surgery, couture wearing, hospital sick.  So this Valentine’s Day, I told myself, we’ll have a perfectly romantic well-thought-out evening.  (And yes, to me, romance, is generally thought-out.  I’m not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl — can’t you just hear Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman saying that?  Type-A, all the way.)  But I digress.  And then it was Tuesday … the 14th … of February.  And I had no plans.  So here we are.

Be My Valentine Homemade Pizza Recipe:  If I have time, I will definitely be trying this tonight.  (The recipe even calls for refrigerated pizza crust – my kind of easy.)  If not, it’s good old circular (greasy) pizza for the hubs.

Etched Vino Decanters:  Oh so pretty; however, ours will come in a bottle.  Hey, at least it’s not a box.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream:  These have been on my to-do list for months.  Here’s to another year … on the to-do list.

Also on my to-do list – sweet card, cut-out newspaper hearts, and the world’s most phenomenal tent/fort/hybrid.  I coo-ed over that tent last Valentine’s Day, and this year is no exception.**  Only this month, I’ll be recreating said tent with towels, stacks of pillows, hair ties, and broom.  I’m willing to bet on disaster.

If all of this falls through, I’m taking my man to Waffle House.  (Seriously, major fast food chains are offering romantic Valentine’s Day packages, complete with candlelight and tater tots.)

Tent, Hearts, + Card via the ever-talented: Justina Blakeney for Design*Sponge

** Sadly – last year – once I read fishing line and screw hooks, I retired from fancy fort-making.  My brilliant plan that time, “I’m going to sit on my sofa with a blanket over my head.”

The Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’m a big fan of February, and V-day in particular, but I’m not really a pink-heart-romper-wearing kind of girl. Though I’m as feminine as they get, I live for black, gold, studs, eyeliner, and rock ‘n roll.  As for our big night plans, I’ll be staying in this V-day with the hubby.  I guess when you’re working all day everyday, the sofa, a bottle of wine, and ice cream – those are the crème de la crème.

1. Lauren Moshi Willow Diamond Lips Sweater // 2. Alexander McQueen Leather Wrap Skull Bracelet // Emily Elizabeth Open Heart Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Secret Open Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Skull Open Bangle // Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bracelet // 3. Picnic Time Picnic Basket // 4. Hanky Panky Zipper Low Rise Thong // 5. Barefoot Dreams Wild Leopard Throw // 6. Ice Cream

Sitting Pretty (in Pink)

I’m a sucker for pink (remember that gorgeous industrial loft with bright pops of pink?)  I could list all of the reasons I crave pinks (Barbie, Legally Blonde, cotton candy), but the list would never end.  Also, I’m undeniably girly.  And, when it comes to design, I swim in a sea of mostly neutrals.  Any bright piece injects a fresh pop of color into an otherwise monotone space, and it awakens a room with a jolt of modern personality (a.k.a., accessorizing your rooms.)

I love the bold hot pink chairs in these bedrooms and living spaces, but my husband, not such a fan (marriage = compromise, or so they say.)

Now in my office – that’s a different story.  (Not surprisingly, my office is brimming with pink, clutter, and many many crafts.)

Not sure what I love more – the pink-cushioned chair, the mirrored table, or those leopard pumps.

Images here, here, here, and here


Moroccan-Inspired Doors
January 5, 2012, 10:55 am
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These doors make me want to break out a stencil and some highlighter-colored paints.  I must be on some kind of neon kick.  I wonder if the hubby would notice a neon yellow pantry door.

{Images here}


White-Washed Home
December 21, 2011, 12:13 pm
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I love love love the look of a white wash piece of wood.  The paint technique creates furniture and other wood that is looks both vintage and beach home chic. {Read my earlier post all about white wash and how to DIY on the cheap!}

This home, dreamed up by Australian interior designers Lyn Gardener and Amanda Henderson-Marks of Gardener & Marks, is not only one of a kind but is chock full of white wash.  LOVE IT.

Via desire to inspire

A Wall of Trays
December 19, 2011, 8:39 am
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I am a design student wannabe, though I wear that “wannabe” status proudly, as no two ideas are the same – I love every style, era, theme, and pattern – and would likely flunk out of design school … fast.  This image, spotted on Pinterest (where else?), has me swooning.  Exposed beams, white wash, farmhouse table, stainless steel appliances … no doubt, I love it all … but paramount is the wall adorned with vintage silver trays.  This wall is everything I love in a good house project – shopping/hunting thrift and garage sales (*bliss*), vintage finds, and a hammer and nails project for the hubby (he’s a very proud hammerer).

Image found on Pinterest // Via This Photographer’s Life