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Friday Link Love

First up is a wallpaper-mâché deer head (and we all know how much I LOVE papier-mâché):  Handmade by artist Jennifer Khoshbin, the series is called Handmade Wilderness – The Paper Deer Head Project. She creates the deer heads herself – with Papier-mâché and decoupage on resin cast heads. She then covers them in wallpaper and calls them her ‘modern trophies’ — SO cool! {See them all on Etsy at Ruby’s Lounge // Story Via A Gifted Existence}

Funny, Erin, of Erin Ever After, and I have the same DIY to-do list running (well mine has another three-to-four-hundred projects on the list). {1. painted gold stripe vases // 2. adding pom pom trim to curtains // 3.hanging bulb sconce} (Images: Erin Ever After, Via: Jolene SullivanGrosgrain Fabulous, Bungalow 5)

These stenciled wood floors are incredible.  That is all.

And finally, since I seem to be on a home + design kick anyway, let me introduce you to Free Crappy Portraits.  You heard that right, send in your favorite picture, and the oh-so-errrr-talented artists over at, will turn your photo into a somewhat crappy masterpiece.  You’re welcome!


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Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love: The Quasi-Rockstar Edition

This dress inexplicably has my heart all aflutter.  Really, it makes no sense – it’s an exaggerated body mullet; also, according to the outside world, I have no thighs, they’ve been safely hidden since 1999.  But I’m drawn, like a magpie to the light.  It’s dramatic and funky and I’m thinking it’s time to re-introduce squats into my lame excuse for an exercise regimen.  *Naturally, I’ll wear the dress/bodysuit hybrid with tights.  {Ulyana Sergeenko images courtesy of Vogue; found here.}

And while we’re on the subject of rockstar dressing, don’t miss this funky pairing on Glitter Weddings.  (Kicking myself for not rocking a blazer at my own wedding.) {Dress: Vera Wang // Jackets: JOSEPH Blazer // Malene Birger Courlan Blazer // Alexander McQueen Peplum Jacket // A.L.C. Fitted Blazer}

Currently obsessed (okay, always obsessed) with skulls.  I think I read too much Anne Rice as a youngster.  (In adulthood, it’s taken on a goth fashion spin.)  And now, I’m nose deep in the first of The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones …. also obsessed. {Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bracelet in Gold + Silver} {Image here}

Yes, I think Phil Collins is a rockstar.  Also, Phillip Phillips’ American Idol cover of “In the Air Tonight” is incredible.  Go on – watch it.

And lastly, wishing a very happy birthday to Dr. Seuss, whom I will forever adore. Thanks for giving my imagination a colorful jump-start.


Don’t forget about The Limited $100 Giveaway!

Friday Link Love

I am SO relieved that today is Friday! I NEEDED a weekend. And, this Sunday the Oscars will be on, i.e., red carpet drool-a-thon. I’m ready!

Today I’ll be attending The Limited‘s grand reopening at my local mall in Miami – and I am SO EXCITED. Details and a fantastic giveaway to follow …

I stumbled upon Shannon’s blog + her brilliant recommendation of this song.  Lana Del Ray’s ‘Video Games” is an amazing song, her voice is silky smooth, and the video is beautiful.

And lastly, I’ll be attempting this perfect bun over the weekend.  All signs point to a big flop, but I’ll be using this nifty gym sock cheat … wish me luck!

Happy Happy Weekend, lovelies!

“Say I’m a bird!”

Friday Link Love

Happy long weekend!  Let’s jump right in, shall we.

I never would have dreamed up “bookshelf styling” as a form of, well, “styling.” But that bookshelf (and all of it’s other shiny counterparts on Pinterest), have me rethinking my stacks of books in Targét (pronounced with the pseudo-French pronunciation, tar-zhay, of course) shelving.

I suppose I could at least put in a little effort … maybe my endlessly coveted gold piggy?

These DIY confetti cards over on Design love Fest have my heart all aflutter …

The ladies at the Free People offices are the best dressed human beings alive.  I follow Free People’s Instagram feed, mostly a collection of outfit outfit recaps and the wonderful awesomeness that is the life of a Free People guru.

Meet the updated Free People Floral Skinny Cords.

And finally: a rant.  Is it just me or are CAPTCHA codes – the codes you have to re-write on blog comments, ticket purchases, etc. to prove that you’re not a robot (seriously, I’m not a robot) – completely awful and mostly illegible? ( … or maybe I am a robot?)

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m torn – do you celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend or next weekend?  Naturally, in asking this on Friday, I am in no way ready for the Holiday.  Impromptu V-day ideas for the hubby?  Anyone?

I’m so envious of all of the lovely ladies attending New York Fashion Week.  I must find the key to teleportation! (<- Is that a word?)  Check out this profile by Harper’s Bazaar of some of the NYFW essentials, as told by fashion bloggers attending the big events.  {Images via Teen Vogue on Instagram}

And if I was in fact going to NYFW, I would most definitely need these sunglasses.

And these.

And because I’m actually in Miami this weekend, and not at Milk Studios, I should probably be thinking practical weekend wear.  Chic practical weekend wear.

I love all of the sweet blouses at Urban Outfitters.  There is something so preppy and feminine about a gauzy sleeved top. {From left: Kimchi Blue V-Inset Blouse // COPE Striped Slit-Back Top // Pins and Needles Mesh-Inset Blouse}

Oh right – almost forgot – Valentine’s Day.  What about a brunch featuring this amazing buckwheat baby with salted caramel syrup?  Between that and a stack of bacon, my husband will love me forever (without the bacon, it’s a toss-up.  Kidding.  Kidding.)

Happy Weekend!

Friday Link Love

It’s Friday!  And this weekend is all about organizing.  I may be a little late on my resolutions (get fit, i.e. with actual muscles – not just the ability to jazzercise in an uncoordinated fashion; organize my closet/kitchen/life; perfect my hosting skills, learn to park – you see, I can get there, but the parking part, not so much; buy fewer shoes, hahaha), but I’m not giving up yet.

Dangit, I just bought a planner, but these glittering numbers make me want a new one … already.  How can one organize without the style?  Utilitarian planners are so last year, anyway. {Barbara Wiggins 2012 Day Planner Diaries}

Can we talk about this dress?  The saddest moment of my week was finding out this dress was sold out at ASOS.  There are a few similar styles (Similar here, here, and here), but the original, it’s phenomenal.  {Image via Chriselle Inc.}

This just puts a smile on my face. {Kate Spade New York Eat Cake for Breakfast}

Over on Glitter Weddings, I gushed about these monogrammed pie pockets that double as great place cards/favors; but they’re also just an easy take on a miniature pie.  With pre-made pie dough and a pie filling (you can totally cheat and buy the stuff in a can – it’s bizarrely delicious), this is an incredibly easy dessert that will impress everyone!  Cue reslution #337 – hostess with the most-est.

Friday Link Love

Happy long weekend (for those of you who celebrate MLK from the luxury of your sofa).  This mini break came out of nowhere for me – I have no plans, other than innumerable errands (they never end, I tell you!) and a Golden Globes watching party (total guests = me; hubby and pup sleep through everything sans insights into the universe and barking tv dogs … you guess who enjoys what.)

I already featured this one over here on Glitter Weddings, but this sweet DIY project is too adorable (and simple) to miss out on, for those not getting married and/or chronically obsessed with weddings in general (➳ hand raised).

When it comes to bracelets, I can’t get enough; and the kind I can make myself, even better {for my budget and my sanity – crafting (and shopping, and baking, and reading, and shopping, and shopping) is my therapy.}  {DIY here.}

These shoes are magical.  That is all.  {Get it: Free People Hardware Loafer}

And lastly, did you know that there is a way to see what images are being pinned from your site, or any other site you are interested in on Pinterest?  The URL is “ domain name here)”.   Basically, to see images being pinned from my site, I go to and  You can also read what people write about your images, see what boards they are saved to, and how many times they’ve been re-pinned.

By the way, if you’ve been completely lost the last few lines or so, read my love fest over Pinterest here and check out my very own Pinterest pages: Glitter & Pearls and Glitter Weddings; and then leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll forward you an invite!