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Inspiration: Gold

Currently craving all things dipped in gold. Continue to blame the Holiday bug.  And don’t laugh at my dream pig.  Stare at that little gilded piggy bank, and within minutes, you’ll want one too.  It’s the power of the pig.  But seriously, how fabulous would he look on a mantel or fireplace ledge?  So chic.

1. ASOS Horse Clutch, 2. Jennifer Behr Sailor’s Knot Headband (Similar), 3. AREAWARE Pig Bank, 4. Ted Lapidus Sunglasses, 5. NARS Polish in Kismet, 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobbes Cardigan, 7. Givenchy Gold Cap Ballet Flats (Similar), 8. House of Harlow Feather Row Ring, 9. ASOS Premium Spiked Cuff (Similar), 10. Giles & Brother Railroad Cuff, 11. Bobbi Brown Chocolate and Gold Eye Paint Pallette


The Western Front: Navajo-Inspired
October 6, 2011, 10:37 am
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Just in time for Fall comes the southwestern trend. Navajo textiles, rich sunset and burnt hues, fringe, earthy materials (think leather, suede, canvas, wool, and feathers), and natural beading combine to make up this American-Indian inspired style.  The key to the trend – choose one or two statement pieces and pair away.  Too much Navajo inspiration and you’ll wind up looking like a walking Halloween Costume –  a very chic Pocahontas-esque costume.

{Images via Polyvore}

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DIY Embellished Denim Shorts
July 18, 2011, 9:11 am
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{images a la tumblr}

Vintage high-waisted denim shorts are all the rage lately, and being crafty is always in style.  The latest project must are these embellished jorts (jean shorts.)

This is my favorite kind of DIY – the kind that produces something totally wearable.  (This summer I’m attempting shorts.  I’ll let you know how it goes.)

And, fun fact: denim styles from the 80s and 90s are naturally high-waisted, because before women discovered fitted jeans worn daringly close to the bum, women of all ages wore jeans at about belly button level.  This was considered the style.  Terrifying, I know.  Essentially, way back when (a.k.a., my formative years … thank goodness I moved on), mom jeans were like totally awesome.

Now when it comes to vintage anything, I take my first shopping spree in my mom’s closet.  Trust – your mom owns or owned a pair of Jordache, Guess, Riders, or Levi’s jeans – these are all blissfully boxy and perrrfect for our little DIY.  If your mom weighed 83 pounds in high school or ritually burned all of her tacky jeans, swallow sadness, and head on over to your local thrift store.  Buy the nerdiest boxy mom jeans and head home with a vengeance.  Chop off bottoms, roll up legs to desired short length, and get to embellishing.  Studs look best along seams, fabric can be cut into pockets, and fringe is the perfect pocket accessory.  Et voila!

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Dreaming In Coachella
March 27, 2011, 7:04 pm
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With everyone abuzz about the upcoming Coachella festivities, I can’t help but sigh and wish that I was camping (in a Holiday Inn) for three music-fueled days in sunny California.  Instead, I’m dreaming in feathers, moccasins, floral prints, lace, and worn suede … behind a laptop.

{images a la California Closet; via oraclefoxplanetbluesomethingsgoneawry, Gordon Von Steiner}

Ten Ways To Dress Like A Parisian
March 26, 2011, 11:23 am
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{image a la la-belle-vie; found via Casey Culture}

Fancy Feathers
January 10, 2011, 10:46 pm
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a la Noémiah

So want a glamorous feather necklace!  And how sweet would these gold chained plumes look over an elegant white satin dress?

Each of designer, Noémie Vaillancourt’s, collections are inspired by a season, a color or a trip, so stay tuned!

See all of Noémie’s designs at her Etsy store, noémie.

a la Noémiah

feather hair extensions
January 7, 2011, 5:56 am
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Apparently, I was the last to hear … but feather extensions are all the rage these days.  Forget several hundred dollar full-head extensions – one feather extension is all you’ll need.

The trend allegedly started out in Colorado, and of course California quickly hopped on the feathery bandwagon, and there is Ke$ha who always rocks some serious feathers in her hair.

a la oh no they didn't


But now feather hair extensions are all over the internet and many boutique salons will put in semi-permanent feather hair extensions at a way more extension-palatable price.  The feathers that salons will put in your hair can last from about one to two months; though, if you are like me, and work a day job where your co-workers may think you flew out of the cuckoos nest – stick with removable extensions.

How gorgeous does this blogger look with her feather hair extensions?

a la

The semi-permanent feather hair extensions can be found at sites like:

fine feather heads

condition culture

do hair extensions


plumetopia on etsy

And if hair extensions are a tad overwhelming for you, check out this great feather earring (just one) from Free People!

a la free people

Even the stylists on the set of Pretty Little Liars are in on the action.  Check out Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery on the show, wearing a feather earring from Una Maes.  The Free People Meeko feather earring looks almost identical to Hale’s.

a la pretty little liars

And a few gorgeous clip-in options from Etsy:

Harmony Feather Hairpiece

Pheatherism Feather Hair Extension

Ava Feather-Chain Hair clip in Gold

Feather Hair Extension Clip

Amber Feather Hair Extension Clip

Birds of a Feather

Is it odd that I can’t stop humming Yankee Doodle?