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I Wear Too Much Clothing
October 16, 2011, 4:23 pm
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It started with sweaters and cardigans.  Actually, I lie, it was 2002 – I rocked denim jackets.  Then came the discovery of the Abercrombie cardigan.  And then came the tights.  Now I won’t walk out of the house unless I’m wearing a good 25% of my closet.  Some cardigans require a vest because I’m not thrilled with the length of the cardigan.  Some dresses need a slip for that same reason.  And really, I love all of my clothes and can’t part with them for more than ten hours at a time.  They lose their luster.

I clearly wear too much clothing … at once.  It’s like a safety blanket.  I think it’s the Bubba in my head telling me to dress for a blizzard … you never can be too sure (I live in Miami.)

Plug your ears honey … I once had a boyfriend who announced, “All of my friends think you’re an Orthodox Jew.”  The layering was out of control at this point.

My friends whine mercilessly when I roll up to the club in sequined dress, tights, and cardigan.  They tug at my sleeves and and ask every drunk in the club if I would in fact look hotter without the sweater.  Usually these members of my tipsy audience just nod stupidly and slosh their drink onto my Alexander Wang’s.  Lushes.

I swear sometimes it’s cool to rock the Yeshiva look.  And I’m never cold.  And I secretly weigh 108 pounds (or you know, in that ballpark) under all of those layers – “Surprise, I’m a waif!”  And the beauty of marriage – my husband thinks my library chic look is adorable, or he’s just trying to get into my three layers of pants.


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this post is adorable. I wish we’d see more of your outfits and style!

XO Sahra

Comment by Effortless Cool

I agree. Post your favorite outfit of the week! Cute post!

Comment by Migdalia Gonzalez

I hear you girl, it is always better to be snug, prepared and over-layered xx

Comment by anne's-âneries

too funny! love it!

Comment by Kelsey Balch

I too want to see more of your outfits! I love this post:)

Comment by Molliee

haha loved this post!

Comment by natalia

3 layers of pants = lol!!

Comment by Ashleigh

Mommy & I LOL-ed. Even Sam liked it! You SHOULD post a photo of the week :)

Comment by Rowan

Funny girl! I can just see the sequined outfit with the cardigan! Hilarious….how about sunglasses and accesories? Layers of those??

Comment by Anne


Comment by glitter&pearls

I lived in Miami Beach for some time and I’d see people in a fur jackets, shorts and sandals when the weather dropped just the slightest bit. Glamorously ridiculous! Anyway, the image caption of “Big Pink” was a blast from the past. Thanks!

Comment by Renee

This is the Lexi I know and love!! : )

Comment by Andy

[…] me.  Dresses, tights, skirts – those are my happy place.  {More on my clothing obsession, here, and tights love, here.}  But dressed up pants, tapered leg, and a bit of give (I heart stretch), […]

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