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DIY Pendant Lamps
May 31, 2011, 12:23 pm
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I was awesome at papier-mâché.  When it came time in Geography to create our own papier-mâché globe, those 5th graders had nothing on me.  I would sit for hours, hands covered in school glue, concentrating at an intense level for a ten-year-old.  It’s been a few years, but something tells me I’ve still got  it.

These DIY Pendant Lamps are essentially papier-mâché for grownups.  The two projects today employ hemp and lace doilies as the papier-mâché craft of choice, along with a balloon and glue; but all this talk of fifth grade makes me want to glue macaroni.

I’m in the first year of marriage, the year where your husband still thinks everything you do is beyond cute (eh, usually), so I’m thinking he will LOVE a macaroni lamp.

Directions for these fun-tastic projects here and here.

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Ethnic Print Maxi Dress
May 30, 2011, 2:45 pm
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Ever since I laid eyes on Nicole Richie in her Winter Kate Camilla Dress, I knew I had to get my hands on an ethnic print maxi dress.  I am in love with the vintage vibe of Richie’s clothing line, Winter Kate, and the Camilla Dress is no exception.  Loving the bohemian Woodstock feel, and the breezy cotton is perfect for summer!

If the loose-fitting house dress is not really your style, check out these other dreamy print maxis.  {From left to right:  Mara Hoffman Embroidered Bustier Dress; F21 Aztec Maxi Dress; F21 Ethnic Print Maxi Dress; Rachel Pally Racer Tank Maxi Dress in Lawn Safari}

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DIY Starburst Mirror
May 30, 2011, 9:47 am
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Forgive me for all of my design drooling as of late.  It’s all packing tape and bubble wrap for the hubby and I right now, and the dream of an empty home to decorate is just too much to tune out.  On to today’s decorating DO … I have always been drawn to sunburst (a.k.a., starburst) mirrors in design.  I imagine that’s the point, these gilded mirrors serve as such a strong focal point in a room.

And now (drumroll) …

Feast your eyes on this glamorous Do It Yourself Sunburst Mirror, designed by P.S. I Made This for a feature in Rue Magazine.  (Seriously, this girl thinks of everything!)

A la P.S. I Made This:

To create your own sunburst mirror, start by gluing down wooden dowels (available at all major home improvement stores) to a cardboard circle base.  Continue to glue and rotate in a circular motion.  Hold in place till each dowel has set before moving onto the next.  After applying ample amounts of glue, add extra cardboard support wedges between dowels to hold in place.  Add another circular piece of cardboard to the top, which the mirror will be placed upon.  To create the mirror: glue ping pong balls along the outside edges with your glue gun.  Add a rope detail around the mirror for another rich detail.  Using gold spray paint (P.S.- Krylon is my favorite), spray both the dowels and mirror on a covered surface outdoors.  You will need a few coats!  Adhere the mirror to the sunburst base by using either a glue gun (depending on the weight of your mirror) or a stronger adhesive if necessary.  Use wall mounting accessories to hang your sunburst mirror.  P.S. – Have fun, Sunshine!

{images a la Pinterest & P.S. I Made This}

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Scattered Mirrors
May 29, 2011, 10:48 am
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{images a la Pinterest}

In a modern design world full of IKEAs and Pottery Barns, sometimes the vintage touch adds volumes to a room. I’m particularly fond of vintage picture frames and mirrors. They are generally inexpensive and can be found in piles at most thrift stores, yard sales, and fairs. I’m loving these walls, glammed up with bunches of mirrors.

Moving Is Not Fun
May 28, 2011, 3:47 pm
Filed under: Thoughts On Grown-Upness

{Note: Photo taken on Iphone (and not the one with fancy flash feature). Fancy camera is packed away. Fancy camera’s charger is packed away in a different box. The brilliant idea to label boxes didn’t occur to me until later. Also, many of my labels say things like “stuff” and feature artwork – stars, hearts, bubbles, and clouds – for the movers’ enjoyment. Packing fail.}

Giganto Knit Blanket
May 27, 2011, 8:11 am
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I’m sort of creepy and obsessive when it comes to internet searches.  I have always hunted for the next best deal on the internet (you know if something is on sale in a store, it’s cheaper online … and there’s a coupon), but ever since the inception of websites chock full of pretty (a.k.a., Pinterest) my compulsion has increased dramatically.  I want THE source … not just the Tumblr/We Heart It/Reblogged source.

And then came the giganto blanket.  It’s this huge and wonderful blanket (It’s so fluffy, I could die!) that the whole world re-posts, but without an origin.  I’m decorating an aspirational home, people – this blanket is vital.  But today, I hit gold.  Seriously, you’d think I’d won the lottery (or a costly blanket).

And because I am the butt of every joke, the blanket is a DIY.  A not so simple DIY.  A not so simple at all DIY.  This DIY requires knitting prowess.  And two pieces of PVC pipe.  Actually, the ever-so-talented DIYer started knitting with two broomsticks, but quickly realized those super-sized knitting needs wouldn’t cut it, and switched to PVC PIPE!  Yeah, go nuts, knit away talented crafters.

I quit.

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G&P Business Card
May 25, 2011, 5:23 pm
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I’ve been a busy bee, stringing together bracelet after bracelet, beads rolling across the floor, having to rewind repeatedly so as not to miss a single tear shed by Scotty McCreery on Idol.  In a few days time my Etsy Store will be up and running with a full stock … I hope you all like (LOVE).  In the meantime, it occurred to me (with the help of my savvy hubby, of course) that I’ll need business cards.  I already have the (boring) standard rectangular white card-stock version for my professional life, but it’s likely time for a “creative side” calling card.  Back in the day, a calling card was a professional’s business card.  How cute is this attorney’s “calling card” from 1895?  He has a mustache!  And I too, have the best of references.  My mom.

Because I use the standard calling card by day, I wanted a funkier version (by night) for everything else.  I feel like this is making me sound like a “call girl.”  Moving on.  My top Etsy picks:

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

Tiny prints also offers a few sweet square calling cards, and they will print my logo on the back of the card.  Here’s one version (front and back) … too plain?

Decisions.  Decisions.

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